What does the Sub-contract Order Processing module do?

The Sub-contract Order Processing module extends the tracking of work in progress to sub-contract operations.

Key features

  • Raises sub-contract purchase orders.
  • Tracks work in progress to and from sub-contractors.
  • Controls inspection of sub-contract operations.
  • Checks sub-contract invoices.

Is it suitable for my business?

If you use the Works order processing module and also use sub-contractors for some operations, then you will need the Sub-contract Order Processing module so that you do not lose track of work in progress during sub-contract operations.


The Rhombus Factory Information System treats a sub-contractor as both a supplier and a machine. You use the Manufacturing information module to set up a machine to represent the sub-contractor. You then enter his address and details in the supplier file.

Sub-contract order creation

The module will produce a list of all tins of work which are ready to go to a specified sub-contractor. Once these have been marshalled you can scan the bar-codes on each tin ticket to create a sub-contract purchase order. This ensures that the system knows exactly which tins are on each order. The sub-contract purchase order number is generated automatically in a separate sequence from raw material purchase order numbers.

You can use counting scales to count parts accurately, or record the actual weight of one or more tins if the sub-contractor charges by weight rather than parts count.

The module then prints a sub-contract purchase order listing the tins to be processed and instructions to the sub-contractor.

The action of creating the sub-contract purchase order progresses the tins on the order to the sub-contract operation.

Tins returning from sub-contractors

When tins return from the sub-contractor they are inspected and may be quarantined or rejected in the usual way. As the bar-code on the tin ticket for each tin is scanned, the sub-contract operation is recorded as complete.

Sub-contract invoices

The module allows you to reconcile sub-contract invoices with your sub-contract orders. Invoice charges from the sub-contractor are used by the Estimating and costing module.