What does the Document Management module do?

The Document Management module stores drawings and documents under version control on a computer.
Staff who need access to the drawings can display them on their computer screens.
You can store manufacturing documents such as drawings, work instructions and inspection instructions against a part or manufacturing operation for a part.  On the shop-floor operators and setters can see the correct version of each drawing and instructions on the screen at the machine.  This removes the problem of out of date drawings on the shop-floor.
FIS automatically stores outgoing documents such as purchase orders, despatch notes and sales invoices.  You can see exactly what you sent to the customer.
You can scan and store incoming documents such as sales orders, advice notes, certificates of conformance and purchase invoices.  You can see the source document for every transaction with a customer or supplier.

Key features

  • Distributes drawings and work instructions on-screen, thus avoiding out of date paper copies on the shop floor.
  • Stores scanned supplier advice notes and certificates of conformance.
  • Stores images of outgoing documents such as despatch notes, invoices and certificates of conformance.
  • Keeps all documents and drawings for a part together.
  • Controls the issue level of drawings used for manufacture.
  • Controls access to drawings and documents.
  • Contributes to the paperless factory.

Is it suitable for my business?

The document management system is suitable for managing manufacturing drawings and documents in all but the largest companies.

Storing drawings and documents

You can store both documents which have been created on a computer, and documents on paper, in the system. If a document is available only on paper, then you must scan it to convert it into a file on disc which can be stored in the document management system.

What types of file can I store?

You can store any type of file in the document management system, but to make use of the documents you need a file viewer which will display the contents of a file on your screen. The system comes with viewers for the following types of file:

  • Portable document format for Adobe Acrobat
  • Windows metafile
  • Windows bitmap
  • JPEG
  • HTML
  • Text

Our customers use the system to store and distribute drawings, inspection instructions, training modules and equipment manuals.

Viewing drawings and documents

You can view the documents and drawings stored in the Document management module on any computer which is running FIS.

In particular you can view documents on the screens at each machine and assembly workstation.  This removes the need to issue paper drawings and documents to the shop-floor, which in turn eliminates problems with out-of-date documents being left on the shop-floor.

The system always has the latest documents for each part and manufacturing process.

The PDF viewer supports overprint, so you can see print artwork exactly as it will appear when printed.