Use your Rhombus Factory Information System as a Manufacturing Execution System to connect your ERP system to the realities of the factory floor.

  • Open operations on machines and work centres.
  • Monitor the ouput and performance of machines.
  • Issue raw materials to operations.
  • Record employee hours against operations.
  • Perform statistical process control on parts produced.
  • Print carton and pallet labels at the point of manufacture.
  • Display drawings and instructions at the point of manufacture.
  • Record scrap quantities and the reasons for scrap.
  • Record process variables from your machines.
  • Store proved machine settings for each operation.
  • Manage line clearance and changeovers.
  • Record the progress of changeovers between operations.
  • Manage capital and consumable tooling.
  • Book parts made and scrap into your ERP system.

Most ERP systems help you to create the works orders you need to make the parts to fulfil customer orders, however many of them give you no information about the progress of a works order until finished parts are received into stores.

You can use the Rhombus Factory Information System to fill this gap, and give you visibilty of manufacturing activity as each container of work in progress moves through your factory.

We have connectors for the following ERP systems.  Follow the links to find out more about each connector.