We are based in the United Kingdom, but have customer sites around the world.

Language support

The system has a dictionary which allows us to translate it into different languages. We already have translations for German, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish. You have access to the dictionary so that you can use local dialects and terminology.

The system supports more than one language at a time. If you have plants in say the UK, Germany and Poland, you can install dictionaries for all three languages. In each country the system will default to the local language, but a visitor from the UK to the plant in Poland can run the system in English, and a German manager in the UK can run his system in German.

Support and service outside the UK

The advent of the internet has made it possible for us to give excellent support for our systems anywhere in the world.

It is even possible for us to install and commission a system outside the UK without visiting your site. Since we use standard hardware for our systems, you can install the necessary PCs, servers and signals and we can then install and commission the software over the internet. Remote control software allows us to give training as well.