When used together, the modules of the Rhombus Factory Information System combine to form a specialized ERP system aimed specifically at manufacturers making products in medium to high volumes.

Success is in the detail

On the surface, most ERP systems look very similar.  The difference is in the detail.

The wide range of modules in the Rhombus Factory Information System give you full visibility and control of material down to individual container level throughout your business processes.  There are no blind spots where parts move out of the control of the system.

The designers of the system are production engineers who really understand what goes on in factories.

Our long experience of working with medium to high volume manufacturers means that the system will work for you without expensive and clumsy modifications.

Power and reliability

The Rhombus Factory Information System is sufficiently powerful and reliable to control businesses which manufacture 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

It has the proven ability to run a Tier 1 automotive supplier with fully integrated EDI and labelling.