Here are some of the features of the system which are particularly attractive to our customers who make thermoformed parts.


  • Raw materials in silos can supply more than one extruder at the same time without losing material traceability.
  • You can extrude one works order with more than one strand.
  • You can extrude more than one works order at the same time in different strands.
  • The system uses signals from your haul-off cutters to record the length of each reel.
  • The system will print a label for each reel with a unique barcode.
  • You can weigh each reel on scales connected to the system and calculate the average gauge of the reel.


  • The system handles family tools which make two or more different parts in one cycle.
  • The changeover monitoring module gives visibility during tool changes and helps to reduce setting times.
  • Machine monitoring gives immediate visibility of works order progress. It gives you the information you need to improve your OEE.
  • The monitoring system accumulates the number of cycles experienced by each tool, and schedules planned maintenance accordingly.
  • You can scan reels of film onto forming works orders thus giving traceability back into your extrusion process.
  • The system can produce carton labels with unique serial numbers at the machine to make each carton traceable through to the customer.
  • Traceability to container level allows the system to control long production runs where the first parts made have been delivered to the customer while the first operation of the works order is still in production.
  • The system records actual material used on each works order, so stock accuracy is very good, and the material used for scrapped parts is automatically recorded.
  • SPC sampling intervals can be based on the count of parts made rather than time intervals. This reduces the number of samples taken without reducing quality.

If you make thermoformings for the automotive industry, please see Rhombus Factory Information System for Automotive.