Here are some of the features of the system which are particularly attractive to our customers who make laminate tubes.

We have many years of experience in connecting FIS to laminate tube making machines.

  • The system understands the relationship between metres of web and impressions. You can display and label printed web in metres and impressions.
  • You can purchase material by weight but use it by length.
  • You can scan supplier certificates of conformance into the system.
  • Traceability to container level allows the system to control long production runs where the first parts made have been delivered to the customer while the first operation of the works order is still in production.
  • The system records actual material used on each works order, so stock accuracy is very good, and the material used for scrapped parts is automatically recorded.
  • Machine monitoring gives immediate visibility of works order progress. It gives you the information you need to improve your OEE.
  • SPC sampling intervals can be based on the count of tubes made rather than time intervals. This reduces the number of samples taken without reducing quality.
  • The system will produce certificates of conformance automatically which include copies of incoming material certificates and can include SPC data if required by the customer.

We have worked directly with AISA, KMK and Cotuplas to create interfaces with their machines.


We know how to get signals from older AISA machines which do not have PLC control.

We have worked with AISA to develop a PLC interface which allows FIS to communicate directly with the PLC in modern AISA machines.  You can specify this interface when you buy a new machine, or have it retrofitted to existing machines.

The interface allows FIS to access the following information from the machine

  • Tubes cut
  • Shoulders welded on each head
  • Tubes with missing caps
  • Machine alarms which allow FIS to determine the reason for downtime automatically
  • Which reel of input web is in use.
  • Machine set points for process parameters.