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The Rhombus Factory Information System is a modular production control system for medium to high volume manufacturers.

It is unusual in that it has been built up from a shop-floor data collection system, rather than down from an accounting system. This means that it has modules to handle many tasks on the shop-floor which you do not get in other software packages.

Large companies use it as a Manufacturing Execution System.

Small and medium sized companies use it to run their businesses.



Most vehicle manufacturers send daily manifests to their suppliers which specify exactly which parts they require on each delivery into their plants.

The Rhombus Factory Information system receives manifests via EDI.

It converts each manifest into a separate sales order, and automatically creates a corresponding despatch note.

When your staff pick the parts for the manifest, FIS ensures that they deliver exactly the quantity required by the customer on each manifest.

FIS can produce the pallet labels and documents required by some customers for each manifest automatically.  See Electronic data interchange.